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Temporary Wallpaper Ideas For Renters

If you have lived in an apartment or rental home, you understand that most landlords have pretty strict rules on permanent changes to the walls. If renting works for your budget and lifestyle and you plan on staying longer than a year, it can be really frustrating being stuck with builder’s beige. Luckily, there are a lot of options for temporary wallpaper that will make your rented space stand out.

Temporary Wallpaper stripes
Stripes are a great way to give a room depth. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, thick, thin – the options are limitless. There is a temporary wallpaper solution called Easy Stripes that will give you all the great interior design looks, without the hassle of painting. (Visit the Easy Stripes website)

Temporary Wallpaper Removable Wallpaper
Another great option for renters is to cover an entire wall with removable wallpaper, instead of the old school paste and stay wallpaper. Removable temporary wallpaper is a little more pricey than stripes or smaller decals, but when you are finished, it is sure to look amazing! Removable wallpaper will redefine your living space, and it’s definitely a worthwhile investment if you plan to rent for a while!

Temporary Wallpaper Murals
Another complete room transformation is available via a removable wall mural. There are, of course, many options to choose from as far as what kind of picture you would want to be covering your wall. You can choose from thousands of images and have murals custom measured to fit your space. It’s incredibly easy to install and a great way to work around those pesky rental restrictions. You can make your rented space look great and feel batter at a great price, without a lot of maintenance. Take the plunge and completely revamp your walls in your apartment! Ready to get started? Just Google “removable wall murals,” and you’ll see that your options are limitless. These murals are hot and in stock, everywhere from Amazing to dozens of online retailers.