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How To Create A Nature Inspired Space In Your Home

Nature Inspired Home
Sometimes it can be difficult to bring nature into your home with the space that is given. Full fledged gardening is basically out of the question for most homeowners, but there are many ways to bring some green into your home without sacrificing your living space.

Vertical Gardening is one way to save space while getting your gardening fix. You can turn many household items into vertical gardens, like recycled pallets or macrame planters. Keep in mind that if you hang planters, hang them near sunlight and make sure you can properly drain the planters and water them easily.

Another great way to plant a lot of things at once would be to repurpose a shoe organizer. This will definitely take some strategy since you would have to hang it very specifically where it can get plenty of sunlight. You could easily plant succulents, herbs, or small plants in any of these pockets. You definitely want to watch out for overwatering in this situation since the pockets are smaller. You can also reinforce the back of the organizer with a trash bag to make sure there is no leakage!

A popular option for planting in the home is reusing mason jars. They can fit on an countertop or window seal easily. Plant multiple herbs for your kitchen and they will always be in a convenient place for when you’re cooking. These can also be easily hung up out of the way! Just be sure to layer the bottoms with stones so the water can properly pool.

Put some of these ideas to the test in your home and you’ll be enjoying your harvest in no time. Bringing freshness and clean oxygen into your home has never been so easy, so don’t be afraid of home gardening, even if you have a small space!