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Big Design Tips For A Small Living Room

Are you struggling to decorate your small living room and make the most of your space? Maybe we can help. Here’s a few practical ideas for how to style a small living room.

#1 – Try Moving Furniture Away From The Walls
Small Living Room - Move Furniture Away From WallsPlacing furniture against the wall in a small living room doesn’t guarantee the look and feel of a larger living room, or a space that feels bigger. Often, moving some pieces away from the walls and providing breathing room around your furniture leads to the appearance of more space. Try moving your favorite furnishings out of their beloved places and placing them in the middle of a constant awareness. It doesn’t cost anything to move 3 – 5 pieces of furniture around a few times, until the room feels better. Give it a shot.

#2 – Incorporate Multi-Functionality
Small Living Room - Ottoman With StorageQuality multi-functionality is appreciated everywhere these days. The same goes with designing your small living room. Sneak in furniture that works best for your small living room with multiple-use items such as bookcase built-in ottoman or other furniture with built-in storage.

#3 – Hang A Mirror
Small Living Room - Mirror Make Room Look BiggerQuite possibly the easiest way to make any room feel larger is to hang a mirror. Hang a large mirror. Hang several small mirrors. Both work! Make your small living room appear and feel larger by hanging a mirror or mirrors on the wall of the room that feels the tightest. A mirror opens up space much like a window, giving the illusion that there’s something else there.

#4 – Stick With A Lighter Color Palette
Small Living Room - Light Color PaletteLight makes any space feel bigger. Dark floors, furniture and decorations absorb light, and decrease the natural light in a room. Make the most of the natural light in your small living room by utilizing light or soft colors. Combine light furnishing with a nice large mirror and your small living room will instantly feel bigger. Ever stay at a beach hotel or condo? They’re almost always designed around light colors that lead to a mirror, window or patio door – and doesn’t that space just feel wonderful?

#5 – Ditch Your Ottoman or Coffee Table
Does your small living room have a coffee table or ottoman that’s rarely used, other than for stacking stuff or collecting dust? Ditch it. Not every living room needs a coffee table or ottoman. If you’ve got a small living room, where space between sofas or other furniture is limited, open up the room by ditching your coffee table. And hey, there’s a great market for selling ottomans and coffee tables on Craigslist. Maybe you can get enough for it to buy a nice mirror.

#6 – Don’t Over Decorate
Long open stretches of uncovered walls or floor space will add to the illusion of a bigger space and make any small living room feel bigger. If your space feels crammed, try getting rid of excessive wall decorations, paintings or pictures. Got shelves that really don’t serve a purpose, end tables that don’t need to be there or cabinets or other storage furniture that’s out of place? Lose it. Make the most of your small living room and make it feel bigger by saving the space you do have for furniture that’s essential. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t have any decorations in your living room, just to limit your room to a few decorative pieces (mirrors, eh?). Remember, a living room should never be decorated like a kitchen. Save all the decorative figures, wall art with inspirational phrases and other knick-knacks for another space, your small living room will feel much better without them.

So that’s it. Hopefully we didn’t over-promise. These are just a few easy, practical ways to make a small living room look and feel bigger. Happy decorating!