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How Serta Mattresses Are Made!

Serta MattressesEver wonder what’s involved in the manufacturing of premium Serta mattresses? Here at Sofas & More we’ve sold hundreds, if not thousands of mattresses and we can speak to the quality of the Serta mattresses (and you could too if you try one out!), but we thought it would be helpful to share how they’re made, so YOU can see exactly why Serta mattresses are widely regarded as some of the best mattresses made.

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Comfort Layers
All Serta mattresses start with the comfort layers. The feeling you get when you first lie down on a mattress comes from the foams and fibers used in the upholstery layers above the core support system (whether innerspring or all-foam). Serta mattresses use a variety of advanced comfort foams and fibers, all designed to provide enhanced cushioning for a more comfortable sleep. Comfort choices vary by mattress collection, but many Serta mattresses offer a variety of comfort choices for choosing your ideal sleeping surface.

Support Layer
The support layer of Serta mattresses consists of either a traditional steel coil innerspring, or an all-foam support core. All of Serta’s support systems are designed to provide proper back support while you sleep. When it comes to an innerspring support system, the number of coils in a mattress varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and is based on a queen-size mattress (i.e. twin mattress have fewer coils, kings have more); but the coil count is not necessarily as important as the construction.

Modern Serta mattresses utilize all combinations of support and comfort layers, there’s literally a mattress for everyone. Check out the diagram below of the layers of a Serta iComfort mattress and read on for a description of the different materials involved in providing a maximum comfort, temperature-regulating premium mattress.

Serta Mattresses iComfort Comfort Layers Diagram
Serta mattresses are composed of a lot of different materials, with different options. Here are the most common mattress types used by Serta mattresses:

These traditional mattresses feature a steel coil innerspring topped with various comfort foams and fibers. Today, there are a variety of premium steel coil innersprings available for advanced body support including individually wrapped coils and continuous coil construction. Some innerspring mattresses are compatible with an adjustable bed frame.

Memory Foam
These mattresses feature a foam support core in place of a traditional steel coil innerspring, topped with premium memory foam material for contouring and pressure-relieving comfort. Memory foam mattresses have a very unique comfort feel loved by many, while others prefer the support of a traditional innerspring or hybrid mattress. Because there are no steel coils, these mattresses are all compatible with an adjustable bed frame.

Hybrid Mattresses (like the Serta iComfort diagram shown above)
Hybrid mattresses are relatively new to the marketplace and combine the memory foam materials once reserved exclusively for all-foam beds with premium individually wrapped coil innerspring support systems. These mattresses are an ideal solution for those interested in the benefits of memory foam, but who prefer the look and support of a steel coil innerspring system. Most hybrid mattresses are compatible with an adjustable bed frame.

Serta mattresses offer all three types of mattress constructions, all with comfort feels ranging from luxuriously plush to extra-firm so you can find what’s right for you. Hybrid and memory foam mattresses have become the most popular designs in recent years, but Serta’s Perfect Sleeper still utilizes an inner spring support, with a cushion of memory foam on top. If you are ready to start shopping and want some help narrowing down the options, just come by Sofas & More and lie down on all 3 types of mattresses, you’ll immediately be able to feel the difference.

That’s it… nothing too it. Just intelligent design and pure comfort. That’s Serta mattresses.
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How Serta Mattresses Are Made!