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Knoxville Summer Landscaping Ideas

Knoxville Summer Landscaping Ideas Sofas & More Knoxville
Looking for Knoxville summer landscaping ideas? We’ve got your furniture taken care of to make the inside of your house beautiful. But, new landscaping can spruce up any home from the outside in. Here’s a look at some current landscaping trends and helpful tips on where to most efficiently focus your landscaping efforts. Summer landscaping touches don’t have to cost a lot of money or take up a lot of your time. The following Knoxville summer landscaping ideas can quickly and easily add to the enjoyment and fun of your backyard and ultimately become an extension of your living area. (Did we mention Sofas & More has your furniture taken care of?)

  1. Add Native plants: Living in Knoxville, we’re accustomed to warm, dry summers, making water conservation a concern for some homeowners. Native plants often require less watering than exotic species, which could save a homeowner thousands of dollars each year.
  2. Add Light: Don’t let the beauty of your landscaping be cloaked by darkness when the sun goes down. Use clever landscape lighting to highlight your flowerbeds, gardens, walkways, porch and more with simple outdoor lighting. Use spotlights to direct the eye toward your favorite plants or use decorative lanterns for a romantic touch. Consider high-powered solar lights as alternatives to electric to save money on installation and operation.
  3. Add Colorful Foliage: Foliage is a great summer landscaping ideas. Foilage can be used as an alternative to flowers for pops of color throughout your property. Mix several varieties of sun-tolerant coleus with boxwood, begonia, and elephant’s ear for a sensational landscape from spring to fall.
  4. Add Fragrance: Really looking for cool summer landscaping ideas, how about an idea that smells wonderful. Flowers are pleasing to the eye, but you can give your property extra dimension by adding plants with an alluring scent. Fragrant flowers are one of the best parts of summer. Add some roses to stop and smell along your walkway. And don’t neglect Petunias, they can be highly fragrant especially in the evening. Another great summer blooming flower that’s very fragrant is Phlox. It’s drought resistant and comes in a wide variety of colors.
  5. Add Structures: Incorporate structural plants into your landscape. For example, boxwood hedges are attractive year-round and make a great foil for the colorful plants. If you are not a fan of the hedge look, consider small trees or shrubs with unique shapes such as contorted white pine, Japanese maple or interesting bark like amur cherry.
  6. Add A Water Feature: Add a water feature to your landscape with a tranquil fountain or peaceful pond. Even a small water feature makes a big impact in the garden. Nothing is more soothing than the sound of gently trickling water. As landscaping technology advances, water features are becoming more accessible and more cost-efficient than ever before. New features include self-sustaining devices that conserve water and energy, and new solar powered pumps are even available to help ease the cost of operation.
  7. Add Wildlife: Who doesn’t want to watch bees, birds and butterflies flutter around in the garden? Make your garden welcoming to wildlife by mixing in plants that are rich in nectar or pollen. Bees prefer to buzz around hyssop and yarrow plants while butterflies favor wild basil and violets. You can give birds a place to cool off in a birdbath or a small basin pond with 3 inches of water or less. Old fashioned? Just pick up some affordable bird feeders from any home store and attract the sweet sound of numerous song birds chirping about your property.
  8. Add A Personal Touch: Community gardens usually feature a number of outdoor living areas where families can gather for a picnic or sit and chat while the kids play. Include the same type of areas in your yard, on a smaller scale. For instance, add a small gazebo, and tuck it in a corner of your landscape for a place to enjoy eating in the shade during the day or for gathering under to star gaze at night. Looking for something ultra modern? How about a wood pergola as a wonderful place to gather.