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New Ways to Decorate Your Living Room For The New Year

It’s the new year, hoo-ray! So before you make a list of nearly unattainable resolutions, start with this simple idea. Decorate your living room to liven your household and add a breath of fresh air to your home for the new year.

Here’s a quick start guide on how to decorate your living room for the new year!

Decorate your living room sectionalYou don’t need to redecorate from scratch to transform a slightly dated living room into a space you absolutely love. In fact, we’re willing to bet you can tackle anything listed below and instantly breathe new life into your décor. Just pick the task that best fits your needs, your budget, and your stage of life.

1. Switch Up Your Sofa
Low modular sectionals are all the rage this year. (And they’re extremely kid-friendly too!) We’re increasingly seeing them anchored in the middle of a room and used in a variety of forms, not just your typical L-shape.

2. Throw In An Accent Chair
Go with something simple and modern, or get out there a litte… maybe Midcentury, Scandinavian, wingback… Whatever your

poison is, we’re willing to bet you have an accent chair on your dream wish list. Pull the trigger this year—accent chairs are often timeless and can instantly elevate a whole room.

Decorate Your Living Room Lighting3. Rethink Your Lighting
The best living rooms have a variety of lighting sources, from ceiling chandeliers to table lamps. Where can you add additional lighting in your living room? Maybe your fireplace could use a pair of sconces or a reading chair could benefit from a task floor lamp. Aim for a minimum of three light sources at varying heights.

4. Refresh Your Pillows
Pillows are easily the quickest way to breathe new life into your living room from season to season. Play with different textures, pattern combinations, or color palettes. Add them on your lounge chairs, and even on the ground—floor pillows make great additional seating.decorate your living room pillows

5. Add A Focal Point
Pick a piece of furniture in your living room that needs an upgrade, and think about how to make it the focus of the room. Pick a piece that’s original, and unique in its shape, color, or material. Every room needs a focal point upon which to rest the eye.

6. Upgrade Your Artwork
Art can truly make or break a room. Pull the trigger on a piece of art you’ve been coveting from a favorite artist, test out your gallery wall skills, hang an art shelf, or effortlessly lean pieces you’ve collected against a wall. And upgrading your artwork doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Check thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets and more. There’s plenty of cool pieces out there that will make your space unique without breaking the bank.

7. Rearrange Your Room
Who says that your sofa should be against a wall, or facing the television? Try something different, and make it face a window, a fireplace, or another sofa. Move accent tables around or create separate living areas. This is an easy way to update your living room without spending any money. All you need is arm power! Don’t rule out a layout until you move a few things around and see how it looks.

And a few more ways to decorate your living room for the new year…

8. Add A New Rug
9. Try Floor to Ceiling Rugs (Learn how to make your own for cheap, without sewing HERE)
10. Get A New Recliner (Of course, a little comfort can go a long way)