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Bunk Beds 101

Why A Bunk Bed?
Every kid wants a bunk bed, right? At least at some point. And when it comes to bunk beds, kids are right! Bunk beds are incredible space savers, and they make sharing a bedroom much more fun. If bedrooms are an issue and your kids share a space, you’re in the majority; and bunk beds are a great option. But, even if your child doesn’t have to share a room, bunk beds are perfect for sleepovers, accommodating extra house guests and just plain fun!

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Bunk Bed Sizes
Bunk beds come in several sizes and configurations. The most common bunk bed size is twin over twin, but twin over full and full over full options are also common.

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Bunk Bed Materials
Most bunk beds are constructed of either wood or metal. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to be aware of those when deciding which material is right for you. The durable and sturdy frame of wood bunk beds means they’ll last a long time. But it also means they’re heavy and difficult to move. Metal bunk beds are typically lighter, easier to move and usually less expensive. Stylistically they’re sleek, favoring a modern or minimalist decor. On the down side, metal bunk beds usually wear out with time and may develop squeaks and scratches.

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Bunk Bed Safety
Bunk beds maximize space and create a fun room. However, because of their design, bunk beds come with some element of risk. Bunk beds often come complete with safety features to reduce this risk, but awareness of safety guidelines are essential to minimizing the risk of injury to your child. Here are a few bunk bed safety tips everyone should follow:

  • Follow instructions carefully when assembling a new bunk bed.
  • Always use guard rails on both sides.
  • Ensure mattress surface is at least 5 inches below upper edge of guardrails.
  • Use only properly sized, manufacturer-recommended mattresses.
  • Mattresses should not exceed 8 inches thick including the mattress surface and foundation combined.
  • Allow only children 6 years or older to sleep on upper bunks.
  • Make sure the ladder is wide and permanently attached to the frame.
  • Make sure no openings are wide enough for a child’s head or torso to pass through.
  • Prohibit more than one person on the upper bunk.
  • Prohibit horseplay on or under the beds.
  • Discuss safety concerns and the proper usage of bunk beds with your children.

Bunk Bed Features & Ideas
Visit your local furniture store or come to Sofas & More to view our entire inventory of bunk beds for your family. We carry bunk beds and kids bedroom furniture from a variety of top furniture manufacturers. Our beds come loaded with a variety of features, from bare-boned inexpensive metal-framed bunk beds, to beautiful wood bunk beds loaded with bells and whistles.

That’s, it… Have fun, and good luck with your bunk bedd’ing! And whether you’re looking for more help with kids room furniture or something for yourself, visit us at Sofa’s & More. We’re here to help make your home a better place.