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Bedroom Decorating Tips Anyone Can Use

Bedroom decorating tips are important not just for how you style your bedroom, but how your bedroom functions. The bedroom should be the place where you find peace. It should feel calming, comfortable and safe. Because the bedroom is where you sleep, it should be a relaxing refuge – conducive for rest.

1. Stop Using Bright, Bold Bedding
Getting a bed that screams personality might seem like a good idea, but it won’t do anything to make your bedroom a peaceful place. Stay away from loud prints and go with white or neutral bedding instead. Keep a neutral base and you can always add a pop of style or color with a colorful pillow.

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2. Don’t Leave Your Walls Bare
A bedroom needs to be personal to reflect your spirit. When it comes to bedroom decorating tips, there’s none better than to tell you that art can represent a wonderful expression of who you are. It doesn’t matter if you pick it up at a flea market, buy it from a furniture or art store or make it yourself. A gallery wall that’s always evolving can be a great reflection of your personality. Don’t worry using the wrong things, just use what you love. If you’re short on cash, try using a memorable keepsake or photo framed or mounted on a shelf.

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3. Keep Your Phone Out of Bed
Keep as many electronics out of your bedroom as possible — especially your phone. Light from your screen mimics daylight, and the stress of calls, texts and emails mess with your body and prevent you from falling asleep easily. Ready for something gross? The bacteria from your phone is likely to get all over your face if you take your phone to bed. For bedroom decorating tips, the phone may not some like a relevant or high priority issue, but it’s one that will most certainly affect your quality of sleep.

bedroom decorating tips no phone in bed

4. Pick Up A Little (Right?)
Clutter in your space = clutter in your head. Not to mention, a big room full of mess doesn’t look too sexy or elegant. Have enough storage space for your things? Use it. Don’t? Get rid of some stuff. Everything should have a place and be in its place. Not only do you want daily peace of mind for yourself, you probably don’t want to be panicking about your bedroom mess when you have last-minute guests.

bedroom decorating tips clean bedroom

5. Ditch The Mini Blinds
Ready for budget decorating tips for modern days? You’re in luck. Ditch the nasty, dusty mini blinds racket. Window treatments are key in the bedroom because they offer privacy, block light, and act as another layer of decor. We’re not saying to get rid of blinds and go with nothing (unless you’re into flashing your neighbors), you should have window treatments, whether it’s curtains, shades or blackout or sheer linens. There are so many creative, yet beautiful ways to do window treatments, it’s time to ditch the mini blinds.

bedroom decorating tips dont use mini blinds

6. Your Lighting Needs Help
If your only bedroom lighting is the ceiling light that came with the house, you’re doing it wrong. Lighting in the bedroom should be subtle and quiet. Quick bedroom decorating tips for lighting: (1) install a dimmer for your overhead lighting. It’s super easy and you don’t need an electrician. Use 25 to 40 watt bulbs, nothing brighter. (2) add multiple sources of light, at varying heights. Lamps on end tables or floor lamps can help calm any room, while providing functional, yet less harsh light.

bedroom decorating tips lighting

That’s it for now, we hope you’ve enjoyed our simple bedroom decorating tips. They probably didn’t blow your mind, but they’re practical tips anyone can use. And if part of your better bedroom solution involves a new bed, bedding, dressers, end tables, lamps, lights, wall art or entire bedroom sets – come see us at Sofas & More in Knoxville. We’ll make you a deal, so you can get some sleep!

Bedroom Decorating Tips