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There’s no real rhyme or reason to our blog, it’s just a fun place to share with you. Everything from furniture to D.I.Y. to holidays and more. Enjoy! And feel free to share your inspirations with us on PinterestPinterestClick Here to visit our Pinterest Page

5 Tips for How to Choose & Buy Patio FurnitureClick Here
buy patio furniture knoxvilleReady to buy patio furniture? Not sure what to choose? We feel ‘ya. It’s a hard thing to decide on how to decorate your patio, but great patio furniture can bring comfort and function to your outdoor spaces. With spacious tables and comfortable chairs, a basic patio can become a hangout destination.
by Sofas & More Knoxville, published 4/17/2017

affordable spring furniture ideas throw pillows9 Affordable Spring Furniture IdeasClick Here
Looking for affordable spring furniture ideas? Look no further. We’ve got some ideas to share, that will work with any budget. As the weather continues to figure itself it out, there’s no doubt that spring is getting better by the day. And that means everything could use a figurative fresh coat of paint.
by Sofas & More Knoxville, published 4/5/2017

The History of April Fools DayClick Here
April Fools Day OriginEver wonder how April Fools Day came to be? We all know April Fools Day (sometimes called All Fools Day) is celebrated every year on April 1 by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. But where did it start, and why?
by Sofas & More Knoxville, published 3/28/2017


Kids Room Furniture & Decorating 101Click Here
kids room furniture pastelsDoes your cool kid need some new kids room furniture? Or maybe you just want to help their room “grow up” a little bit with some new decorations? Sofas & More can help! From bright, fun bedding and accessories to functional furniture and fun decorations, we’re here to offer a few tips to make your cool kid feel special!
by Sofas & More Knoxville, published 3/6/2017


spring furniture patterns Sofas & More KnoxvilleSpring Furniture Ideas, Hello Yellow!Click Here
In search of Spring furniture and Spring furniture ideas? Sofas & More can help, Hello Yellow! From patterned accent chairs and radiant accessories to comfy throws and cozy bedding sets, yellow is all you need to make your home a lively and happy place! There’s no doubt that adding yellow into your home is a bright spring furniture idea! Not only does yellow illuminate, it also encourages happiness and optimism. For a feel-good home, consider adding a wide range of yellow furniture pieces and accessories!
by Sofas & More Knoxville, published 2/28/2017

Serta MattressesHow Serta Mattresses Are MadeClick Here
Ever wonder what’s involved in the manufacturing of premium Serta mattresses? Here at Sofas & More we’ve sold hundreds, if not thousands of mattresses and we can speak to the quality of the Serta mattresses (and you could too if you try one out!), but we thought it would be helpful to share how they’re made, so YOU can see exactly why Serta mattresses are widely regarded as some of the best mattresses made.
by Sofas & More Knoxville, published 2/15/2017

La-Z-Boy Recliners ConstructionLa-Z-Boy Recliners Made In America Click Here
At Sofas & More, we’re happy and proud to offer La-Z-Boy furniture. La-Z-Boy recliners are one of the best-known brands in the residential furniture industry. La-Z-Boy is synonymous for its comfortable reclining chairs. But, La-Z-Boy recliners are also well-known for being made in America.
by Sofas & More Knoxville, published 2/6/2017

Small Living Room - Move Furniture Away From WallsBig Design Tips For A Small Living RoomClick Here
Are you struggling to decorate your small living room and make the most of your space? Maybe we can help. Here’s a few practical ideas for how to style a small living room.
by Sofas & More Knoxville, published 1/30/2017


neutral bedding sofas & more knoxvilleBedroom Decorating Tips Anyone Can UseClick Here
Bedroom decorating tips are important not just for how you style your bedroom, but how your bedroom functions. The bedroom should be the place where you find peace. It should feel calming, comfortable and safe. Because the bedroom is where you sleep, it should be a relaxing refuge – conducive for rest.
by Sofas & More Knoxville, published 1/23/2016


furniture financing sofas and more knoxvilleFurniture Financing 101Click Here
At Sofas & More we feel as though we owe it to customers to run through some of the most common and preferable furniture financing options available. We want you to get a piece of furniture from us and enjoy it for years, but most of all, we want you (regardless of where you buy) to make a smart furniture financing decision, which allows you to enjoy your new furniture stress-free, with no concern over paying the bills.
by Sofas & More Knoxville, published 1/16/2016

mattress Knoxville Sofas & MoreHow to Pick A MattressClick Here
Ready for a new mattress Knoxville? A new mattress is an important purchase and deserves some planning. Not only are quality mattresses fairly expensive, but they play a huge role in your life not only during nighttime sleeping hours, but even while you’re awake. Supportive, comfortable mattress promotes a good night’s sleep, which helps you function better during the day both mentally and physically, and also wards off many chronic heath ailments.
by Sofas & More Knoxville, published 1/10/2016

Decorate your living room sectionalSkip You New Years Resolutions, Decorate Your Living RoomClick Here
It’s the new year, hoo-ray! So before you make a list of nearly unattainable resolutions, start with this simple idea. Decorate your living room to liven your household and add a breath of fresh air to your home for the new year.
by Sofas & More Knoxville, published 12/27/2016

English Three-Seater SofasSofas Style GuideClick Here
At Sofas & More in Knoxville, TN, we feel that it’s our responsibility to help you understand the popular style options for sofas for your home. After all, “sofas” is in the name of our store. We’re taking your sofa knowledge to the next level with this easy style guide, and hopefully it will help you find the perfect sofa for your space.
by Sofas & More Knoxville, published 12/12/2016

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas abominable snowman treeChristmas Tree Decorating IdeasClick Here
If you’re anything like us, decorating the Christmas tree never comes as easy as it seems. While some folks seems to inherently have wonderful taste and style, the rest of us need a little help putting together a festive holiday home. Need inspiration? Us too! Here’s a handful of Christmas trees that just about anyone could pull off.
by Sofas & More Knoxville, published 12/1/2016

History of the Christmas TreeHistory of The Christmas TreeClick Here
Ever wonder about the history of the Christmas tree? The evergreen fir tree has traditionally been used to celebrate winter festivals (pagan and Christian) for thousands of years. Pagans used branches of it to decorate their homes during the winter solstice, as it made them think of the spring to come.
by Sofas & More Knoxville, published 11/30/2016

how to buy a sofa in knoxville la-z-boyHow To Buy A SofaClick Here
A sofa is one of the biggest furniture purchases you are likely to make. It’s also a key focal point and a piece that lasts for generations. But, don’t let the shopping process stress you out. If there’s one thing that we know at Sofas & More in Knoxville, TN, it’s sofas!
by Sofas & More Knoxville, published 11/28/2016